Research Data Management: Tools and strategy in a Latin American context

12 de Junio, 3.00PM-5.00 PM (Hora de Cuba)

13 de Junio, 1.00PM-3.00 PM (Hora de Cuba)

This training will be a mix of theory and hands-on with a focus on:

  • “Open Science RDM tools/ techniques”. Managing data (e.g. Data Management Plan, Organising your data tidy (Folder structure, File naming convention, File versioning), data storage.
  • “Open science & Reusability of data” (e.g. ERN’s-EDC’s, Data storage/ repositories, metadata, Open (Source Software) licenses).
  • “As open as possible but as closed as needed”
    Protecting the data (Infrastructure and De-identify data)

Hanne Vlietinck (UHasselt – Belgium)
Manuel Osvaldo Machado Rivero – Professor. PhD in Information Sciences
(UCLV – Cuba)