Instructional design for open education

12 de Junio, 11.00AM-1.00 PM (Hora de Cuba)

13 de Junio, 9.00AM-11.00 AM (Hora de Cuba)

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The workshop is divided in two sessions of two hours on Monday and Tuesday of the training program. It is going to be an introductory workshop in which you will be introduced to a variety of widely used models for designing education that you can directly apply to your educational program. We will discuss different theories for designing education, how you can tailor the design of your education to specific learner needs, and how constructive alignment can contribute to the quality of your education. As an example, we will discuss Problem Based Learning (PBL) at Maastricht University. During the second workshop, we will address important aspects of blended and online learning and how you can integrate that into the design of your education.
If you are a teacher, trainer, designer, or implementer, you can bring information on your program and the students, so that we can use your examples as input during the workshop.
Maximum number of people for the workshop is 20 people.

Joyce Grul – Master in Science Global Health & Youth Studies (School of Health Professions Education – UMaastricht – Netherland)